Hey, I'm Alex 👋🏼

I work as a freelance growth marketer, helping sustainable startups build growth systems. Right now I'm also finishing  up my MSc in Digital Marketing at the University of Amsterdam. On this corner of the web, I write about what I learn. I like to say that I'm on the polymath's journey.

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Get to know me

I grew up in a cozy Swedish city called Uppsala. The name might not ring a bell but it's where the Celsius temperature scale was invented. As a kid I had a burning passion for football. But I also really enjoyed reading, drawing, cycling, collecting stuff, playing chess, and gardening. I have always liked tinkering—trying out new things.
At the age of 11, my family decided to move to Paris. There, I continued to explore different things—card tricks, freestyle football, graffiti (on paper), graphic design and more. I had the opportunity to attend EABJM, an international school where I particularly enjoyed learning about history, economics and science. Towards the end of high school, I stumbled across the topic of investing and immediately got hooked. I decided to learn in public. I created a brand called Stock Pivot and started sharing the lessons I learned while trying to figure out this whole investing thing. The first year was just filled with failed investments. Yet, I kept going. It was fun!
After graduating in 2018, I decided to move to Rotterdam to pursue a BSc in Business Administration at Erasmus University. During the first two years I was focused on learning as much as possible about investing and scaling my brand. By 2020, I had reached 8,000+ followers on Instagram with 500+ posts. However, once I had developed an investment strategy that worked great for me, that urge to learn more started to fade. I wanted to explore other disciplines. I was also feeling tired from balancing university courses, Stock Pivot and all the extra learning I was doing. I decided to take a break from social media. Having spent so much time learning about investing, I was convinced finance was the right career path for me. However, when I started looking into finance jobs, I quickly realized how boring they all seemed. At this point I felt lost. And then Covid struck...

During the lockdown, I moved back to Paris for a few months. As an introvert this was quite enjoyable for me. I had the opportunity to read a lot—mostly about philosophy, psychology, history, decision-making and many classics like The Brothers Karamazov (my favorite). Eventually, I decided to create a newsletter called Reframe Finance where I wrote about finance from these unusual angles. After 13 editions, I felt like I had nothing more to say. At this point I did some critical reflection and came to the realization that at the core, what I enjoyed about building these brand was building these brands. I enjoyed the creativity mixed with digital marketing and the excitement of learning something new and sharing that with others.

So then I started to look into careers in marketing and for the first time I felt excited reading job descriptions. Towards the end of my Bachelor's, I decided to move to The Hague for a bit and join EVBox as the regional marketer for the Nordics. It was a wonderful position as it allowed me to explore various aspects of marketing (copywriting, website optimization, SEO and more). This was also one of the most challenging periods of my life as I was writing my thesis and taking four university courses at the same time. In 2021, after graduating from Erasmus University, I decided to join the Growth & Performance team at EVBox as growth marketer and I moved to Amsterdam to pursue a MSc in Digital Marketing at the University of Amsterdam.
Half way through my Master's, I decided to pursue freelance growth marketing to help other sustainable startups grow. Why sustainable? Well, at EVBox, I realized the power of working towards an inspiring vision. Marketing can be used for good and bad. I want to use it for good, by only helping to grow companies that make the world a better place.


I spend a lot time thinking about

🧭  Personal development

🧠  Habits & behavior change

🌱  Sustainability

💚  Brand-building

⏳  Essentialism



INTJ-A Myers-Briggs: introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging, assertive



  • Curious: always learning something new. I like to tinker and explore intersections between disciplines. As a result, I enjoy projects that utilize a broad set of skills.

  • Analytical: continuously striving to form evidence-based opinions and make data-driven decisions.

  • Creative: beyond my fondness of art, I think in first principles and approach problems from their roots.

  • Organized: methodical in my work and excellent at time management



  • Overextending myself: often carried away by my curiosity, I get excited about lots of things and sometimes spread myself too thin.

  • Overthinking: I sometimes overthink small things that are insignificant in the bigger picture.


Favorite books
The Brothers Karamazov – Dostoevsky
Letters from a Stoic – Seneca
– Marcus Aurelius
Incerto – Taleb
Sapiens – Harari
Thinking, Fast and Slow 


Favorite quotes

Nothing is burdensome if taken lightly – Seneca
The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts – Marcus Aurelius
What I learned on my own I still remember – Taleb


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