Hey there, Alex here.

Welcome to my digital corner on the web. This is a space for me to reflect on topics that I find interesting. I am fond of all kinds of reading, but especially that in which there is something to train the mind and toughen the soul

I am currently studying business administration at Erasmus University. I spend my spare time exploring different subjects, encapsulating the lessons I learn in bitesize format and sharing them with the world. My main areas of interest are investing, personal development, philosophy, and business.

Here is how my personal website can be helpful to you:


I like the word progress. If I have made progress in my health, wealth and love (friends, family, and relationships) during the day, then I can go to bed with a smile on my face feeling fulfilled. On this site, I share reflections on how I make such progress.


I find great enjoyment in sharing my book notes with other people, for in doing so, I continually reflect upon what I have learned. Such reflections form the basis of the most delightful and profitable conversations.


I spend a lot of time learning new things. As a result, I tend to find a lot of interesting resources that I share. Moreover, I show my entire investment portfolio and philosophy for the sake of transparency.

Every Sunday, I send out an exclusive email with a concise commentary on the financial markets and the most insightful resources I've found that week. Sounds interesting? Enter your email below to get access :)


Contact Me

You can reach me at contact@alexvikner.com or send me a message via Instagram, Twitter, or my favourite: LinkedIn.